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Online Contributions and Membership

Contributions can be made using the form below (or by mail to the Club Treasurer at the address on the home page).

Memberships may be renewed at the club (envelopes are available).  As a convenience to our members, renewal can also be handled online using PayPal.  The fee PayPal charges is added in this case, making the total amount for renewing online $92.35.  Anyone with a PayPal account or a credit card can use this feature.  The transaction will show up in your credit card statement as PAYPAL*SERENITY.CLU.  You will receive a confirmation email which can be used for tax purposes.

New members can also use the renewal buttons. (NEW! Now you can set up an auto-renewal which will automatically renew your membership yearly. No more trying to remember or getting reminders!)
Start the renewal process - - - - - - - - - - or sign up to auto-renew every year

Donations (in any amount) to The Serenity Club operating expenses can be made through PayPal payments using this button:

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Become a Serenity Club Sustainer: Club members can set up monthly Donations to Club operating expenses through PayPal payments using this button. Monthly donations allow us to plan better, because we know what's coming in. If you prefer to set up an automatic transfer (and avoid the PayPal fees), please contact us for our routing and account numbers. NOTE: Donations made here don't cover your membership dues.

 Level  Amt  Participants
 Copper $5  2
 Bronze $10  9
 Silver $20  5
 Gold $30  4
 Platinum  $50  5
 Ruby $75 
 Diamond $100 2
Alexandrite $200 1
 TOTALS  $870 27