The Serenity Club is located at 8121 Richmond Hwy # B, Alexandria, VA 22309, at the top of the hill just south of where Mt Vernon Highway branches off of Richmond Highway.
The marker on the map below points to the parking lot in front of the club.  The club is the building at the North side of the parking lot, the building with the cars lined up outside.
Approaching Safely
When you are coming south on Rte 1, it's dangerous to turn left right at the club.  Try one of these alternatives:
1. Going south on Rte 1, pass by Club about 400 yards (Mt. Vernon Print and Trophies to left) to center turn lane area, make U-turn using 
    center lane, return to Club, which will now be on your right.

2. From Rte 1 South, turn left at Mt. Vernon Hwy/Rte 235 at the light, go about 300 yds, turn right just before 7-11, through parking lot of
    Thieves Market Antiques, turn left at lane parallel to Rte 1, 150 yds turn left into Serenity Club lot.

3. From Mt. Vernon Hwy/Rte 235 going west toward Rte 1, turn left just past 7-11 across parking lot, proceed as in 2, above.